Visitor Experience Strategy for Halifax’s Harbour Islands

Single track mountain bike trails…

There’s some hiking trails on the island, it would be cool if you were allowed to bike them and/or they were better and longer.


You’re not allowed to bike the trails on Mcnab’s?

" Bicycles, including mountain bikes, are restricted to the main roads, Garrison and Old Military Roads;"

In fairness though, the main attraction of McNabs is the old military forts and homesteads, which are best explored on foot.

Biking on the main roads is still fun though and lets you cover more ground while exploring.

I’d say “currently” the main attraction is the historical aspects.

The survey is looking for ways to attract more people to the islands so opening up hiking trails and upgrading them for mtb is another attraction. It will never happen until people add it to the conversation, so I filled it out saying mountain biking as much as possible, being clear the hiking trails are included in that.

Honestly I think every National/Provincial and Municipal park should have all trails open to mtb, obviously some just aren’t practical for it, but lots are.

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