VSC Fatbike/MTB Ride - Saturday, January 7th 1:30

Valley Stove and Cycle is offering a Saturday afternoon MTB Ride.

We will be riding various trails throughout the valley starting at 1:30 every Saturday. Fat bikes are strongly encouraged for the majority of the rides and we do have rentals available for those who would like to try it out. We will be riding for about 2 hours.

This week, January 7th, we will be meeting at the shop in Kentville at 1:30 and riding from here. We will either go to the Gorge, or to the Bird Sanctuary.

Where: Meet at Valley Stove and Cycle in Kentville
What: Fat Bike (MTB) ride*
When: Saturday, January 7th, 1:30pm - 3:30pm

*Fat bikes are best this time of year due to the snow on the trails. However, there will be some weeks that a smaller tire will work.


planning on going. who else are riding?

nice sunny day forecast at Jan 15😎

What is the cost to rent a fatbike?

i rented out vsc @riderx awesome

rocky fat -30blizzard for just 30 half day.Just let mike know ahead and he’l set a good price for you. it was a good one.

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master coder @JeffV could give us an answer.

anyways fatbros @IanM_MTB and @Chris_Dwyer-perkins are you guys planning in going to this event?

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Saturday’s are tough for me, but will see.

@shadowfox70 it was on the 7th wasn’t it? It’s the 10th now.

I believe it’s a weekly thing.

Ah. I’m not sure @shadowfox70. I would like to but not sure if I can make it.

You may have to call Apple. But I would seriously suggest getting an Android.

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Correct, it is weekly.

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