Wally's First Ride

Working on raising a trail dog. Today was Wally’s first ride:


I waited about 10 months before I began riding with Scout. He fell into step pretty quick. It changes the way you ride though, and where you ride. I like the Suzie Lake area because there are so many places he can stop for a drink. I like to think he slows me down a lot but, well he’s a good excuse. My wife never questions me going for a ride if the dog is coming along! Now if I could only get my boys going.

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Wally is 4mos. He did pretty well. I have to go easy though as he is still growing.

Hey Jeff, just wanted you to know that I’ve been pulling a lot of ticks off of Scout after having him in the Whopper, Suzie lake, Power line area. You might want to let Walley know, and check yourself over if you are working on the trail. We started him on Revolution early this Spring but discontinued when the vet that sold it to us said it was a little toxic. Never had a tick until this past couple weeks.

Thanks, I’ll keep an eye out. Dig ticks - black with the brown legs?

I think these may be the deer ticks though I know that dog ticks are much more prevalent. Most of what we have taken off Scout were there for a few days at least. They had turned tan and appeared to have black legs. They were almost the same colour as his coat which made them difficult to find. After our last outing I had hosed him down and we found a couple very small black ones. I’m whipping up a batch of repelent, vinegar ,water and tea tree oil , to see if we can keep them away because they start off really small and hard to detect.

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