Wanted : 20 inch rear wheel without coaster brake

Hey Ya’ll.

My little girl wants to ditch her coaster brake on her 20 inch bike. It has pretty sweet v brakes and she loves using them. Rather than strip the hub I want to get her a wheel. The catch is that right now I think she has 18 teeth in her cog and hills are a bit hard so I’m looking for 20 or 22 teeth.

I contacted one shop and it was gonna run me pretty near $120 which for this project was out of budget.

Wow, just found this

chainreactioncycles.com/ca/e … -prod77876

Unsure if I’d need the 14 or 10mm axle. I guess thats just a matter of checking her current bike and see what bolts in. Then grab pretty much any singlespeed cog and put it on eh?

Get a cheap BMX freewheel type wheel, and order a freewheel in the tooth count you want. Or try find a smaller chainring off of a smaller kids bike with less teeth on it. As well, it takes almost zero time to open a coaster and remove the brake shoes. DIY old school freecoaster hub.