Wanted: e-thirteen bash guard

Any one have an e-thirteen type bash guard they would like to trade for a $50 sportchek gift card.

I need it to bolt to my T32 middle ring. Looking for black or clear, not white.

I don’t have an e13, but I do have a race face bash guard in good condition. It is aluminum, mostly black with a bit of silver. I used it with my 32T middle ring. It is a smaller bash for 32-34 or 36 can’t remember.

Thanks ShawnS, but I actually have an aluminum race face bash guard. I was hoping to get one of the polycarbonate ones.

I have a Blackspire lexan guard you can have for cheep! It’s used but but in decent shape. $5 would be plenty, as it’s just taking up space.

Pepperjester, sounds like a generous offer, I’ll take it!