Wanted: Fork for older Specialized FSR

I have a friend who has been looking in vain for a fork that would be compatible with a circa 2002 FSR.

Does anyone have anything for sale that would work here? I think he’s after something a little beefy with 5" travel. Not sure if that is even compatible here.

Holla if you have something

Your friend may want to look at an early millennium Marzocchi Z1 Bomber. They had 130mm travel with both disc brake tabs as well as v brake bosses.

I seen a couple for sale online…

He’s been checking Pink Bike and Kijiji regularly. Any other sites he could check?

I know sportwheels has some old forks on the steps on the way up the to the upstairs. You might try calling local shops and see what they have in their left over bins.

Found these today…


http://www.pinkbike.com/buysell/1310039/ this ad says ship within US only but could probably be worked out.

Thanks Ken. Shawn will be thrilled.