Wanted: Rigid seatpost 30.9 diameter

Looks like my dropper needs a replacement cartridge, so while waiting for the new one to ship I’d like to get a rigid post so I can keep riding. Having my post stuck at full extension (210mm!) I’d like to get something I could at least run lower than full height and still have room to move around it. Cheap is good, as this isn’t a permanent replacement. Let me know what you’ve got.

Side note: this is going through OneUp Components warranty and they’ve so far been awesome, including replying to an email on a Sunday! (I hope they are working because it’s raining or something, and that they’ll ride another day instead.) Still so happy to deal with this great Canadian company. :relaxed:


The OneUp crew gets plenty of riding in. I’ve hung out in the warehouse in Squamish. There is no shortage of riding talent in that company! Great crew of people out there. They were super helpful when I was out there and are always super helpful now with support.


You could probably find something at a bike shop for cheap but 30.9 is pretty specialized specific so chances are lessened. Dunno when I’m heading to town but will check out this thread before I do to see if you still need one. Can give you a loaner until you get yours back.

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I have a 30.9 rigid seatpost off a medium RM Growler. Not sure if it will work for you with your height. Lol

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I’ve got a Thompson post that I can loan you if you like. It’s the 367 post, that has about 240mm of extension. I’d like to hold on to it just in case one of the posts in this household bites the dust.

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Picked up a post from @Wayners but thanks everyone.