Wanted: Straight Steerer DJ Fork

Looking to build up a DJ rig, have eyes on a cheap old frame but need a straight steerer fork.


I got a new straight steerer 100mm 26in qr dropout rockshox sector for around $350 from the LBS and So far I’m impressed. The stantions are 32mm so probably not stiff enough for slopestyle but it does feel just as stiff as the Marzochi Bomber DJ it replaced.

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The Bombers on my dirt jumper were starting to twist and had an old brake mount. I picked up a set of older argyles from an online store a couple of years ago.

I recently started looking at options again and I found the rockshox option above and i thought fox made a straight steer evolution fork but i don’t see it on the website now. I also remember that when it was listed it was really hard to find.

You could try trawling the online stores and calling around bikes shops as you never know what’s been sitting on a shelf. The other option I guess would be to pick up a used set with the expectation/budget that they probably need a service and some love.

manitou also have these coming down the pipe as well, labelled coming soon.

found it. not sure what it would set up back though!

Factory Series 36 FLOAT 26 100 GRIP2 HSC/LSC HSR/LSR 100mm Axle 1.125 Kashima Matte Black Standard Chassis 37mm rake
Part Number is 910-20-149

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