Wanted: Womens entry level trail bike

Someone I work with would like to give biking a try and would like a bike to ride on rail trails like Shearwater Flyer. She wants to get something fairly cheap at first to see if she will like biking. She is 5’5. Hopefully something in the $100 -$150 range to start. She knows she won’t get much of a bike for that price, but wants to see if she enjoys it before investing more. Anyone that might have something hanging around collecting dust would be great.

I may get shot for saying this, but for her pricepoint and what she intends to ride at first, I suggest buying a hardtail department store bike.

When I got out of my funk and back in the saddle, I spent a few months on a $99 Sportek from Zellers to ensure that I was really going to find the passion for it again.
Once I met the limits of the bike, I knew it was time to upgrade, but it makes spending the extra money make way more sense.

For that price range I agree. and one without a suspension fork or disc brakes. OR get something used.

I agree, when I got back into biking a few years ago, I was using a ten year old ccm bike, then after I broke that one, I was riding the trails with a 10 dollar supercycle yard sale find. you don’t need much of a bike to know whether or not you will get into it more seriously, if it was me I would look for a second hand bike. you could probably find something decent enough for under $100, just need to do a little tune up probably

+1 on the rigid with rim brakes. Lighter, less maintenance, and more bike for the $. I would say the same at that price point whether new or used. Oddly, it seems a lot of department store bikes come with those unnecessary “features” that pretty much do nothing but detract from the experience of riding on road or rails-to-trails. I can’t seem to fathom why.

OH, because those features sell like nuts to the un-informed.

I doubt you will find such a bike at Walmart etc… They all seem to have shocks galore. Used will be the way to go in that price range.

Now since she wants to ride trails, I do lead the Sportwheels trail ride every Thursday night starting in May. She should come out for a ride with us. We also have a loaner bike if she just wants to ride and see how it goes.

something like this might be the ticket, probably should have it into a shop for a good tune up.