Warning: Rung Missing on Skinny Ramp on Attic

Warning: there is a rung missing on this skinny ramp on the Attic and the nails are exposed. A new skinny ramp will be constructed to replace it. A 29er will still roll this and maybe smaller wheels will have no problem either but use caution or use the go-around.


It’s been like that for a bit, I probably should have mentioned it. My worry has been that there would be more gone the next time i hit it. Thanks for brining it up. Oh, 27.5 clears it just fine.


Yeah, I hit that one recently. I didn’t bother mentioning it either, since I thought this was unofficial line and the ride-around (new trail) was the official line. I jumped on it a bit before riding it, it seemed pretty solid. As always, though: rider beware. Trail conditions can change from one day to the next.


@Coaster2 and I had a good look at it today, and we (mrwa volunteers, perhaps crew time too) will do a full replacement with something quite similar in width and position. Hopefully this will happen in the next few weeks. In the mean time, I don’t think it is about to break, but there are some exposed nail heads. As always, user beware :slight_smile:


was fine going down on a 27.5+ for me last time

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I rode it on 26" no problem.


Makes it a bit more interesting going up!

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