Washington/ North Coast Riding Style

Are there any plans for bime parks that have a North coast vibe?

Not sure what that is… wooden features?

Yeah, I’m assuming they mean north shore style wooden features. Possibly from watching one of Seth’s newest videos?

Those kinds of features have kinda gone out of style. They’re a lot of work to maintain too. It’s a hard enough time keeping regular existing bidges from breaking down. Hiking lumber also sucks. In the Vancouver North Shore they’ve got lots of cedar trees which are nice to build those features with since they’re naturally resistant to rotting.

I think the difference is readily available redwood cedar. Spruce rots quick.


North shore riding was huge in the early-mid 2000’s thanks to shows like drop in. Norco even made a whole line of north shore dedicated bikes. North shore hardtails like the manik and rampage, and full suspension like the six and the shore. Sadly this style of bike and riding kinda died out and is pretty much only maintained on the og north shore trails in BC. Its also highly illegal there to continue to build/maintain those trails there now, with huge fines and possible jail time if caught building them.
I have a norco manik and love it but its not much use around NS other than a few freeride trails hidden in the dark

Elevated skinnies (some are like 20ft or more) also come with huge risk and precision. Freeride style riding shifted more so towards flow and airborne tricks like redbull rampage showcases now. More appeal i guess

Long story short, no i wouldnt count on seeing any of these openly advertised here, but if you have a spot to build i got tools :wink:

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The Range area in Bedford has some built wooden ladders, drops, etc. Some of it is not bad, some is not currently usable, but could be with some work.
There is a fairly large jump park in there too that seems to get somewhat regular maintenance.
That riding area flies under the radar of most folks but there is a lot in there, fun DH stuff, lots of jumps/drops, decent climbing.
The moto guys use the area quite often as well, and honestly have made it a bit better, as for years the place was neglected and not ridden, now there are trails everywhere in there.
I ride in there a couple times a week as its close to me, its a great spot.

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Yeah, they’re 3000km that way <-------------------


Weirdest thing ever (while fishing) was fishing near Marion Bridge Cape Breton, bushingwhacking upstream to where I thought was nowhere, to find a rotting overgrown ‘latter bridge’ assembly. So random. This was probably 10 years or so ago.

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Used for biking?

Where about exactly? Would love to check this out

Have any of you been to Washington or the North Coast? I live 10 minutes away from Duthie Hill as seen In Seth’s video.

One of my bucketlist trails. Hopefully ride there soon.

We don’t have that many skinnies, mostly wooden drops, but it is one of the best bike parks in the world lol. If you come here dm me I can give you some tips on where to go.


There used to be many trails around here with wooden features - Whopper Dropper (especially Death March, Shawshank, Proudest Monkey), Jack’s Lake Park and Fly, for example. Few were maintained and all have pretty much rotted away. In general, dirt and rock work is much more sustainable. Hard to build, but once built doesn’t rot, and erodes more slowly.

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@Rockhopper what/where was Fly?

Park and Fly, not just Fly. Sorry, I didn’t put a comma in. The Park 'n Fly was part of the Jack’s Lake trail system.

There’s a dirt road that follows a water line that runs along the Bi-Hi starting at the interchange with Hammonds Plains Road. The dirt road runs all the way to the Range trails in Bedford. If you go in on the dirt road off Hammonds Plains Road, near the top of the hill there was a trail entrance on the left that went into the trees. The trail went to a small parking lot off Smiths Road. It would take me about 1/2 hour to ride. Mostly downhill if you go in this way. From there I could ride the pavement around back to the car, or another trail off the parking lot, which would take you to a bridge across a stream to a dirt road leading to the clearcut at the top of hill, or I could follow Smiths Road into the Jack’s Lake trails. I don’t know if this trail still exists. I’ll have to go sometime in the next few weeks to take a look.

Trail map and description in @tossedsalad 's book here:

Scroll down until you see the map labelled Jacks Lake, Doggy DH, Sackville Powerlines. The Park 'n Fly is the section labelled “Stunts”.


Someone I know started a trail with wooden features (some very large) in Lower Sackville. I found it on Trailforks called “Project X”. I went in to look at it last year and many of the structures were intact, but the trail was growing over quite a bit. The builder lost interest, and I have no interest in resurrecting it considering the sanctioned trails being developed around here.

There are some trails with wooden features but no extensive systems. Wolfville’s Reservoir Park has a skills park and some hucks and ladders in the trails.

There is one wood drop in Irishman’s.

I suspect Trailflow wouldn’t be adverse to building “North Shore” features if they could convince anyone to do it.

The trail is still there, was in about a month ago. We always called it “The Stunt Loop”. The structures are all gone, there were quite a bit in there so someone worked hard to get them all out? Looks like the moto guys still use it so the trail is still passable and in decent shape. I came out on the double track beside the parking lot, so I might have missed a turn or maybe the original exit is no longer possible.