Water Bladders that are not camelbak

Camelback wants 48 bucks for a replacement bladder to hold water. No way I’m paying that.

What other brands have ya’ll tried and been happy with for replacement bladders?

I’ve got the 2L Hydrapak from MEC. No complaints

Same here, the bladder that came with my Dakine pack was a Hydrapak and when it finally got too scummy to use any more, I got a replacement from MEC. Price was right and it works just fine. I like the internal divider that helps keep it a little flatter. Thumbs up for the magnetic clip too.

Thats more like it.

Also… i already had items in my mec cart, so this puts me over my 50 for free shipping :slight_smile:

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Hydrapack has worked well for me, easy to fill, put ice in, detachable hose hasn’t leaked either.

I’ve got a Geigerrig I picked up at SportsChek/Atmospehere. I think 2 litres is perfect for my typical 2 hour rides, and it’s easy to turn inside out to dry.

Camelbak Reservoirs come with a lifetime warranty, maybe your can be replaced no charge?

From stank?

Also… I tossed it out a few months ago. Good to know tho.

Drain it and store it in the freezer when you’re not using it…kills the stank bacteria.

I sometimes rinse them with abit of mouthwash. The Geigerrig I found is very different, like a bag you fold over, but it’s very easy to turn inside out to dry or clean after use.