Wear and Tear

I knew the granite at MRWA would be hard on tires, but never expected a couple of seasons of riding to tear up a pair of shoes quite so badly. To be fair, I’m not a small rider and at least a couple of lugs we’re sheared off during some less-than-graceful hairy moments, but even still. Show me your most well-loved (half-destroyed) gear that’s still in the rotation.

(I see the crooked cleats and will be correcting that, please don’t judge me.)


My shoes usually last a decade or more. Shimano ME7’s going on about 5 years or so now with no sign of any wear yet.

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I’ll be first to acknowledge it’s time for a new pair.

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Not destroyed and still going strong: Camelbak Lobo from 22 years ago.


The buckles on my Mavic “race” mtb shoes disentegrated like they were made out of sand on my last ride when I put them on. Dug out these shimano m-221s. Probably 22 years old as well. Tried em out and the cleats were still good, thankfully.


The soles of my shoes usually detach before the tread wears out.

My 20+ year Lobo. Still looking good and with zippers that still work. I’ve used it on pretty much every ride since I got it.