Weekend Cancellations

Be sure to check if your desired event/race/ride has been postponed for this weekend. I know for sure the Gorge DH race has been postponed as well as the opeing of the newest bike trail in Fundy park.

There are still opportunities to ride though. Just choose the appropriate trail. It might be Whopper or Fight with the granite base or maybe a gravel path excursion on the BLT. May not be as exciting as true singletrack in some cases, but it is a ride nonetheless.

Today’s Giro stage got cancelled when the organizers heard about the poor weather. You would think they would hesitate adding insult to injury with the Gorge DH postponed.

I hope the Gore XC race doesn’t suffer a similar fate for those of you planning to ride this Sunday. At least the weather for next weekend’s Crit looks good so far…

It’s tough to pull the plug on any event, but certainly one has to look at a few factors. The safety of the riders, and how much damage the trail will sustain. I’ve been fortunate that every significant event I’ve organized had good weather, but I always had have a secondary course in mind in case of excessive moisture.