Weekend Plans

I’m around in Halifax this weekend…Sunday and Monday that is. Who’s riding when and where on Sunday or Monday? I’m willing to do an HRM ride, or even take a little drive down the valley, or maybe the cobequid trail, basically up for just about any kind of ride.

Looks like some hero dirt Sunday AM. The temps will be above 0 later in the day Sunday and Monday.

I’m up for anything. Fight, Gorge, even the BLT trails for a rip…

Since when is Monday the weekend? :slight_smile:

Heading out for a ride at Nine Mile now (Saturday). Probably won’t ride Sunday.

We are doing Spider at 9am tomorrow.You are more than welcome to join us.

Rode Whopper today. Very icy in spots. Had to walk more than once. Good ride overall.

Spider sounds intriguing…I hope to make it there tomorrow am.

nine mile river was pretty damm good today. they have done a lot of work on drainage and it has improved some sections a great deal. was able to ride all the way back to the small lake, cleaned some stuff along the way. there are several large trees down but the hero soil was in full effect. should be even better tomorrow morning.

Gore ride tomorrow too…where you heading Darkmyth

I should be able to sneak in a ride Monday in The Valley. Looks like it’s going to warm up thou so we should go early before things get soft.