Weekend Rides

A whole bunch of stuff happening this weekend, check it all out:

Idealbikes Cyclocross Race - Saturday Nov. 9th - http://www.pedaltrout.com/event/idealbikes-cx-race/
Corn Maze Ride - Saturday Nov. 9th - http://www.pedaltrout.com/event/corn-maze-ride/
Cyclesmith Cyclocross Race - Sunday Nov 10th - http://www.pedaltrout.com/event/cyclesmith-kona-supah-kup-a-soup-kross-series-3/
Pedaltrout Annual Rememberance Day Ride - Monday Nov 11th - http://www.pedaltrout.com/event/rememberance-day-ride/
Gore Public Ride Day - Sunday Nov 10th - http://www.pedaltrout.com/event/gore-public-ride-day-2/

Quispamsis Cross Race - Sunday Nov. 10th - http://www.pedaltrout.com/event/quispamcross-race/

Make sure to post up your rides wherever they may be. There’s always someone looking for a ride!

Gore public ride day. Sunday November 10th

Thanks Ryan, forgot about that.

Added to the list and to the event calendar.

I am going to gore for 9:oo am anyone needs a ride let me know