Weekend Rides

Well, with the long weekend closing upon us there is riding to be done!

I’m planning to hike Cape Split Thursday evening after work, and stay the night. If anyone wants to join me that’s cool!

But for Riding:

Friday - Somewhere in the valley. Trying to get a decent crew out.

Sunday - Either Fight or Whopper. Can be morning or afternoon to accommodate those with kids.

Irishman’s Rd has been cleared and raked out, there was still some patchy snow and ice on the weekend but I suspect that will be mostly gone by the weekend. Most of the trail was dry enough to ride, depending on the rain tomorrow it should be pretty good by the weekend. I’m planning on giving it a shot.

Really? When were you thinking? Maybe I could do a second ride on Friday as it’s on my way home…

Sometime in the afternoon would work best. Pretty flexible at this point, pick a time, whatever works for you and I’ll be there. I’ll see what Adam is up to as well. I’m expecting one of my goats to kid in the next few days so I may have to cancel last minute if that’s happening.

The Annapolis Valley Mountain Bike Association will be hosting a ride on Friday evening from Wolfville to Evangeline beach and back. This will be a beginner friendly ride. Get all the details on the AVMBA’s FB page :slight_smile:

Mike, I can’t make the camping but would like to do a ride in the valley. I could meet you there on Friday. Just name the time and place. If anyone else from Halifax is interested in going I’ve got room for 3 more bikes.

I’m unable to make the evening ride. I was thinking I might bring my road bike and just do some training like riding somewhere.

Still thinking of riding either Whopper or Fight on Sunday though.

Ok then maybe see you on Sunday.

Sunday morning would work for me… let us know what time…

I’m interested in riding Sunday as well if I can make it work with my plans.

Irishman’s Rd Friday, 1:00pm

bent, I’ve never been in there, mind if I join you at 1?

the more the merrier!

parking/trailhead here:


Thanks for showing us around. Good workout.
Might need some real tires next time!

Nice meeting Adam and Derek, too.


[quote=“Maritimer”]Thanks for showing us around. Good workout.
Might need some real tires next time![/quote]

Good ride, good people, good conditions for sure. You were crushing it on the hybrid as far as I’m concerned! I got a text that my goat was giving birth just as we were finishing up the ride, hightailed it home.

Riding Irishman’s again Monday 10:00 am

Great to meet you guys, and thanks again Brent for the guided tour.

Sunday let’s say 1100am Fight. Haven’t ridden there in a while.

Where were you thinking of meeting? Apparently the entrance in the subdivision is blocked by new construction from what I have been told.

I was unaware of that. Not sure then, anyone else have an idea on that?