Weekly ride - May 10th

Tuesday is almost here again and we are supposed to be getting some nice dry weather this week.

We haven’t ridden Spider Lake lately so let’s go for a spin there.

Meet at the parking lot at the end of Spider Lake Road.

EVERYONE IS WELCOME! Regadless of what you ride, or how experienced you are you are welcome to join us! We only ask that your bike is in good working order and you have a helmet.

When: Tuesday, May 10th, 7pm

Where: Spider Lake

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I’ll be there.

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I will attempt it, but there is no guarantee. If I do show up, please keep in mind I am just starting out (less than a month) with MTB. I have been doing well in Shubie, but this would be my second time at Spider Lake. So I would need to be in the back otherwise I will hold (and annoy Im sure) a lot of people :stuck_out_tongue:

No worries @Mog …it’s a pretty relaxed pace. Everyone gets out alive:)

there was that one time…

I don’t have a light for my bike, is it still recommended ot have one or is there enough daylight?

@TravisA most of the ride will be in daylight but we may need a light at the tail end. There’s always an extra light or two in the group if you need one, so come out anyway.

I’ll be there. I have not tried the trails there yet. Looking forward to it!

From most trails in there, an exit to the parking lot takes less than 5 minutes if light runs out, so it’s safe.

Bad news (for me :stuck_out_tongue:) I wont be able to make it tonight. Maybe next week :slight_smile: Transportation issues tonight haha. Have fun guys :grin:

Where are you coming from, Mog? If you’re close to my route, I could give you a lift.

Just as you sent that I was typing in that my uncle actually called me back and said he could run me up. Thanks though all the same :slight_smile: