Wentworth going next level for 2024

Read last night that Wentworth is going full send/season next year with lift access biking. Separate passes for people who still want to climb to the top on their bikes.

Kudos to all involved.


Can not wait!!


Awesome! I will be there!

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Wondering if you would have to get both passes if you wanted to pedal some days but lift others or if the more expensive of the two(assuming the lift pass) would be all encompassing? Either way stoked!!

The bike park info and pricing is up now on the Ski Wentworth website.


Id hope the lift pass covers both. I expected a rise in the climb pass but not doubling it… and they havent given day rate pricing yet

Day rate pricing is here; Lift Tickets & Rental Equipment — Wentworth

$50/day for chair lift or $20/day for the ‘climb zone’


That seems a bit… steep


Ha ha good one.

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Wentworth updated its pricing based on the feedback received.



You know, it’s pretty cool when a local business listens to the feedback and acts on it. I didn’t feel like the original pricing was offside but this strikes me as a good balance.


Yeah, good to see. I think some of the response was over the top in some cases, though. Like “whoa is me I might actually have to teach my children the valuable life lesson of ‘doing without’.” Turned me off of going to WW more than the pricing, actually.


I would use the term completely self absorbed and entitled rather then “over the top”

But hey, thats just me.



I would think the original pricing would have pushed people more to Poley, or Keppoch. And the climb trail price was way to steep in my mind, however, probably a good way to ensure good quality trail.

The comments on both sides were a bit much. But certainly sad to see people ad homing, “broke ass bums”.


On a positive note, I am excited for this access! I saw a post with a machine built trail underway, but I am hoping for some gnar/tech too!


I don’t get to Wentworth often but still bought the $50 / year pass to help support trail building. At $100 (early bird) or $140 regular, I don’t see me buying a season pass this year. I’ll do the odd day pass for the lifts maybe, but I see it being cost-prohibitive for how often I (don’t) ride there. :man_shrugging:

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I don’t really go there much at all but I’m happy for the people who are into this kind of thing. I don’t think I was there at all last year. Hopefully down the road they develop some regular xc stuff. I know that it’s all rideable now with any kind of bike but it’s really geared towards enduro type of bikes.


It gets pretty spicy on a 100/100 bike that’s for sure. Did it once and decided not to do that regularly.

I hope it grows legs, and really gets going. Rumour has it Crabbe also will be hot on the heels of these other places and I look forward to it as well!


Rode it a couple times on my dean with hs22s and almost died haha. 80mm travel hardtail with rim brakes made for an interesting few runs. Loved every bit of it though

Seeing these yoyos posts on the 'gram of the thousands of dollars they dump into their children’s bikes alone makes me gag. And then when they cost out the prices and the concept of just riding up the hill to save money instead of getting a lift pass… The idea of just continuing to ride up the hill is isn’t even an option to them. People.