Wentworth on Friday or Saturday? (july 17-18)

Going to be up at the cottage outside Pugwash for a few days, with Wentworth closer than usual was thinking of going to check that out. Anyone else in the area interested in riding there on Friday or Saturday? I haven’t been before.

I could be convinced to ride tomorrow sometime on my way back to Halifax from Moncton if you know your way around the hills.

I don’t know my way around at all but am down to attempt an exploration tomorrow. Don’t have a cycling computer with GPS or anything either but if there isn’t good signage and nobody that knows the trails well is available, will probably just do some exploring.

It’s not signed in any official way and I don’t have any of the new trails in my GPS. If somebody could put their track on here from a recent ride I could load it in my phone. I have no way to upload it into my GPS where I’m at now.

What time were you thinking of tomorrow?

Probably from 12-1. I won’t know until I leave Moncton and do I errand.

1130am today. Barclay Rd. If anyone is interested. Especially those who know their way around. Lol



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