Wentworth Saturday?

Planning to hit Wworth Saturday, late morning start (11?) with my son.

Internediate pace, terrain varies btwn intermediate to modestly steep, 20k, 900 mtrs, 2.5 hrs.

If anyone wants to join, drop me a line. Even better if you’ve got a teen that likes to rip.

Cheers- TT

This is not an official ECMTB ride.


Didnt you know Wentworth is verboten :roll_eyes::rofl::wink:

Enid and I already have some gravel plans, plus the usual livestock stuff, but post up the next time and we’ll be there for sure.

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Will you let us get out of Quarantine first… :grin: up for riding with teens after 5 more days of cottage isolation :beers:


That date’s in my calendar with an X!