Wentworth Trail Passes - WMBA

Hi Folks, we are stoked to see the volumes of riders enjoying the trail system the past few weekends, but we’ve come across a number of people without a pass. Just a friendly reminder that the Wentworth Trails are on private lands and require a valid trail pass PRIOR to riding. This is a requirement of our insurance provider and the landowners insurance provider. Although we are 100% volunteer driven, trail passes fund our continued expansion, trail infrastructure (portable toilets, signage etc.), insurance requirements and future planning.

Trail passes can be purchased here: wmba.helloclub.com. There is also a QR code at the trail head if you forget or happen to drop by!

Once registered trail pass stickers can be picked up in Truro at Hub Cycle or Bike Monkey.

Thanks for the continued support. See you on the trails.


Well worth every penny. Keep up the great work guys. So excited for the future of Wentworth.


I’m registered, Just living in Freddy. Will pick up a sticker next go.


Old bingo chip meets old stainless mini-lanyard meets 22 @WentworthMTB Trail pass! Bonus pts for easily transferable btwn bikes.


Someone advised me it’s a poker chip, not a bingo chip. Not much of a gambler obviously :sweat_smile:


Hmm, never considered moving the pass between bikes! :thinking: