Wentworth Update

The latest from @WentworthMTB:

Hi Folks,

As we all hoped, 2022 was an epic growth year for Mountain Biking in Wentworth. We kicked off the season in late April with the addition of two new trails, Kitchen Party and Blue Bird, celebrated with drinks at The Barn in August, then cried when Fiona nearly decimated the trail network in September. We are forever grateful for the 40+ volunteers who spent hundreds of hours nursing the trails back to shape for Thanksgiving weekend. Hero dirt and full parking lots continued through the fall until we ended the season 224 days after it started!

Plans for this year will focus on trail network expansion and the addition of 4 legacy DH trails.

2023 Development Plans:
• Kitchen Party – a fan favorite, so we are extending it another 650m uphill for max fun!
• No Name – rehabilitation work, areas require re-routing due to severe Hurricane damage.
• ‘Old School’ Legacy Trails will add nearly 7km of additional downhill trails.

Trail upgrades and rerouting will be done on;
o Number 9
o Hillbilly
o Bugs
o Outer Limits

Trail Pass stickers have arrived and we will make an announcement shortly when they can be picked up at Hub Cycle or Bike Monkey in Truro. We encourage you to pick up your pass at one of these locations, but mailing is an option if you are unable. If you have not yet renewed your pass you can do it online at wmba.helloclub.com

All of this work, play and good times would not be possible without the support of pass holders like you. We greatly appreciate your support this year and look forward to riding with you this season!


Matt, Rob, Benny, Paul & Connor

Wentworth Mountain Bike Association


Stoked to hear the old DH trails will be getting worked on. Maybe we can have a good old school DH race weekend or two? Please!! :heart_eyes: