Seen so posts about wentworth ski hill. Just wondering how old are they. Been going to Keppoch afew time now. Love the place. Martock I know you can’t use the mountain and was wondering if wentworth opened up there hill and if they had a lift

No lift. I’ve ridden the trails on the hostel side. Lots of fun.

Wentworth had the hills open several years ago and it was a BLAST. There were some structures (skinny, a couple of drops etc.) .
Shuttle runs in the fall and during the Festival of Colours hike, they ran the chair lift. That was a bit sketchy as hikers, small children and bikes were occupying the same spaces. After a few years they had to close the hills down to bikes. Not sure on the details but I recall insurance issues being one explanation. I am sure someone else on this forum has more knowledge on this subject than I.

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