West pine trail. Any fish?

Maybe the wrong place to ask this question but anybody here do any fishing?
Rode west pine for the first time today and what a beautiful spot at the end of the trail where the new bridge is being built.
Some bike trips i bring a little telescopic rod with me. Just wondering if anyone ever fished that brook. Looks like trout city lol


I’ve fished in there multiple times…No luck but I’ve heard that people catch trout there. Some older gentleman who lives at the top of Norawarren told me inline spinners work the best. I have however had luck for bass at long pond across the street. I thought the same thing “Trout city” lol, but never got anything

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I heard dynamite works well. (Fish biologist jokes)


I’ve seen a fly fisher working the stream that feeds to pizza corner pond at the end of West Pine.

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I thought electric current was the weapon of choice for fish biologists

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Is there a tag for embedding a YouTube clip??

It is but I was too lazy to want to explain electrofishing

It should just work.

Came across a dude there who had caught some trout

I’d like to check that out for sure. I’ve been looking at Tenkara rods to carry in my pack on some of my rides.