What a trail... and what riding!


Yoann Barelli talks you through a very technical trail, and takes you for a ride-along. I keep looking at those lines (especailly when you look at them from the bottom), and think… no way!

If you don’t want to watch the whole video, just skip to 15:00, and watch for about a minute. That will give you the flavor of this trail.


One of my bucket list!


That is intense. I could see myself being one of those who would eat it bigtime on the small tree. Cool videos though.


I haven’t been on that trail, but holy shit the riding there is good.


Next trail in the series, called “the Green Monster”. Some very tall and steep rock roll downs. Barelli adds some spice with nose wheelies and air.


I really want to hang out and ride with this guy. He’s awesome! :laughing:


I just moved out here from Squamish. Treasure Trail is intense. Yoann is on another level in ability. Check out Remi Metaliers video on riding Gouranga. I’ve been down it once and felt that one time was enough