What are you riding?

in order of most use, 05 norco rampage singlespeeded long travelness, gt ruckus x\c single speededness, and a devinci frantic 7x7 loaf of bread with gears, bells and whistles…

It’s almost Spring and time to take stock of what we have in our garages/basements/bedrooms to ride.

Here’s my current list of rides:

2012 Norco Shinobi

2011 Devinci Desperado S

2009 Devinci Caribou (drop bar touring bike with disk brakes!)

2005 Schwinn Cruiser

1999 Kona Lava Dome (Hunter Safety Orange!)

1996 Research Dynamics Coyote Cruiser

1993 Breezer Sky

1987 Gary Fisher Hoo Koo E Koo

1975 Iverson Mini Miss (banana seat beauty!)

I likes 'em all!

What is everyone else riding for 2012? What gems do you have hiding in your basement?

I have a 1996 ish Haro Extreme dually that I will use as my regular xc ride for another season hopefully.
I also have a fully ridgid Jamis that I like to kick xc and dh on, and last but the bike that sadly sees the most action is my Rocky Mountain Solo road bike.

The only thing in my basement is the furnace and a freezer full of bodies!

Well, I’m down to two mountain bikes and one commuter.

2006 Devinci Cameleon that is rigid, loved, yet up for sale.

1993(?) Concorde Kudu Lite chromoly rigid mountain bike. Loves it. Probably going to be my full time MTB this year.

2012 Giant Escape 1 for commuting duties. 700c wheels, rigid, flat bar, full commuting kit. What was I doing commuting on a MTB!?!

Our soon to be ours, (mine) basement will be man-land/bike shop for me. So, tools and the litter box.

I have been cleaning out the shed and basement.

Just stripped down my 2005 Devinci Remix and went through all the pivots an ended up changing the upper shock bushing and spacers in preparation for the snow to go and then I sold it.

Current stable
2010 Banshee Paradox 29er All-Mountain hardtail, waiting on a few parts to arrive to finish the build.
2008 Misfit Dissent 29er single speed
2007 Kona Coiler setup for DH
2008 Kona Paddy Wagon single speed/fixie commuter which I think my wife will be using to get back and forth to work.

I love the paddy wagon’s. Such a sweet ride!!

29er all-mountain? Interesting. Makes me consider a big wheeler even more…