What does it take to commission a new section of trail?

Given a section of woods containing mossed over dead fall, what does it take to commission it to single track.

Terrain examples might be Farside, Green Mile (off Suzie-Q), or The Cob.

What needs to be done?
Rake the moss and remove the fallen logs down to dirt and / or granite?

@TheBuilder, the terrain might be like that of Snakeline.

I’m aware of drainage considerations such as not going directly down hill for too long.

IMBA’s website has trail building guides. I suspect first you start with flagging the route within appropriate guidelines , then start removing organic material to prevent slipperyness and regrowth.

I have a copy of the IMBA Trail Solutions book that BNS Mountain Bike Trails Committee owns and allows to be borrowed. If you came to the meeting on Tuesday, I could bring it.

The best freely available manual on trail building is probably from the US Forestry service, most other manuals copy the basic principals and techniques exactly, IMBA adds in some TTF information and is worded more for MTB but the practices are the same.


Tuesdays are tough, lol. I’m usually organizing the group ride.

Is it a good one?

Whats good for tools when stripping moss?


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How many would I need to burn per km?

Seriously this place looks like Endor. The moss and dead fall is pretty thick.

There is an option of diverting hikers that are forced to walk a muddy road to the trail instead. Its really a small section, but something to try.

The condition of the trails at the Cob, especially Snakeline were done by nothing but boots on the ground… over a 15 year period. To speed it up, definitely remove the top layer of moss and try hiking/riding it from there. From my limited experience, trails work in a lot quicker than you’d think… frequent use is the key.

I would think a roof stripping tool or a sharpened mattock would make quick work of the moss. It’s the sucker roots underneath that’ll test yer mettle… lol

Roof stripper tool eh?

Put a good edge on 'er…

You have a picture or link?

Like this:?

http://www.roguehoe.com/trailbuilding/trailbuilding.html The rakes from here are fantastic.

They look sweet. I’m not sure I can commit the cash that this point however.

I have one of their rakes and one of their hoes. You’re more than welcome to borrow them.

I would feel awkward about borrowin your ho, but maybe the rake for an afternoon at some point.

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That’s the one…