What is the best Bike Travel insurance?

Anyone knows a good insurance that can cover both Local and International travel?


I was reading the BNS website a little while ago to see what the insurance covers with their membership. It covers you for any cycling activities within Canada. They provide coverage for “fractures, physio, and lost wages depending on the scenario”.

When I traveled to the states this summer I bought travel insurance through blue cross. I paid ~$30 for a week of international coverage.

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Thanks Jon, I wonder if they cover any damages of the bike too. Will certainly check there policy.

Blue Cross is typically only health insurance. Check your homeowners/renters policy on accidental damage, too.

I guess I’m curious at what type of damage you are concerned about. Damage on transit? Like ham-fisted baggage handlers? Or an accident where you and/or the bike is damaged? If it’s the second scenario, whatever coverage you have (or don’t have) now should probably cover the bike abroad.

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Yes any bike damage due to riding and travelling overall. I wonder if any insurances would cover that locally or int’l.

my homeowners insurance covers up to 1k or something but it has a 500 deductible so it covers practically nothing. I would suggest that even if you could find coverage that was substantial it would likely be more cost effective to simply save the cost of the premiums in a tfsa and hope you don’t need to take it out to repair damage. then use the saved money to buy a new ride when the time comes.

oh and if a 3rd party like an airline damages your bike try to raise a stink on twitter if they don’t do something to make it right :blush:


I might end up with this idea @Adam, :laughing:.

I think @Adam did a better job of explaining what I was thinking. Home insurance will cover this kind of damage and, depending on your policy, your limits and your deductible, may or may not be worth it.

Technically you can get/find insurance to cover just about anything, but often times, it’s not financially feasible.

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Thanks Alan, your reply is well appreciated.