What is the best eyewear?

Looking for some opinions on eyewear for riding. I have had a variety of different styles and brands, but always struggle with fogging and fit. I have a wide face, so glasses tend to fit tight, and whenever I stop for a break, they seem to fog up and become useless.

I would like something with replaceable lenses, if possible, but really just want a solid fit without fogging issues.

Any suggestions would be great…

I like my mec swift glasses. $30, lenses are replaceable. My head shape may be narrower though.

I’ve worn glasses since I was in junior high and I have yet to own a pair that don’t fog up when I stop. I now own a pair of prescription Oakley Racing Jackets, which have these vents cut into the lenses and they still fog up when I stop, they clear right away though when I start to move again. Not cheap though.

I have a pair of Oakleys as well. Straightjackets. The prescription was done by my optician at a much better price than through Oakley themselves.

Before I got my eyes lasered I wore Adidas Adivista. Pricey with the prescription lenses, but I liked them. No vents in the lenses so of course they fogged up, I don’t know if there is anything that can stop that, even vents like @Wayners has.

The worst for me with glasses is that I have salty sweat. It can’t evaporate when it’s behind the lenses and (for instance) I am working hard on a climb. So, especially combined with any sunscreen, that can cause some serious stinging and dangerous inability to see.

I have some bad skin damage now so I have to wear sunglasses again, at least on sunny road rides, I can’t stand them on MTB since it is too dark in the woods for me. I used to go without eyewear all the time after my laser surgery.

Good luck!

I haven’t come across anything that doesn’t fog up when I stop either.

I always like to have glasses on for protection when riding trails. My prescription glasses are too small for riding and don’t give me good enough peripheral vision, so I usually wear contacts. I just ordered these glasses, which should be fine for night, in the woods and everything but really bright sun since the lenses automatically adjust from 75.9-27.7% light transmission. I had a similar pair, but lost them over the winter. These have vents, so I’m hoping they’ll at least be a bit better about fogging.

Re: fogging…this works great. Cheap too :slight_smile:


That may be worth a try. It is also worth considering getting a lens that is not polarized , it doesn’t work well in an environment where your light is always changing.

I might try it so long as it doesn’t cause me to wear arm warmers combined with tank top and start falling off my road bike.