What makes a trail (system) good?

What makes a trail or trail system good? This is not an universal answer. There are those who swear by certain trails for all kinds of reasons.

Here are the characteristics I think makes a good trail system.

  1. Variety of terrain
    There needs to be sustained climbing and descending on a good trail. A flat trail or something that just goes straight up a dirt road lacks challenge for me. I can’t always make it but I love to try. A trail system needs a variety of difficulty in it’s system. It needs to have rock gardens and bridges (with go arounds) and some nice wide doubletrack. Basically something that has a bit of everything.

  2. Proximity
    I like a trail system that is not far from civilization in case of emergencies or for post ride hanging out.

  3. Parking
    A safe, spot to park one’s car is great! I don’t like putting my car on the side of the road.

4.Regular maintenance
A trail system that gets regular upgrades and maintenance means I can focus on the ride and not what may or may not have changed. A system that there is a group of folks who are passionate and recognizes what and when something has to be done for safety and to ensure the trail does not erode is a great situation.

A location with soil and resources to maintain the trail is a great thing too.

  1. Maps
    I like maps. I don’t get lost…as badly. I like up to date maps too, they help…a lot.

What else might draw you to a certain trail or trail system?

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