What neat cycling stuff did santa bring you?

A box of shells.

Cycling related? Maybe it’s for keeping the dog walkers away. Are they peanut shells?

well, not santa, but my lovely wife bought me a new set of XT disk brakes, some cold weather riding gloves, and a couple pairs of new socks.

New tights, booties, some new bar tape and rim strips for the road machine, and a new set of Time MTB pedals for me.
I must have been really good!!

New winter riding gloves and warm socks. Gotta keep the extremities warm don’t ya know.

I got a fancy pink riding skirt with a built in chamois. Woot!

A box of shells.

NWD 10, I never luck out and get any cycling related garb for christmas.

I also got a spinervals and a flat screen to watch it on in my gym… That coach Troy guy can sure make you sweat!!

I got 2 pairs of biking shorts, a lock ring tool, jagwire C-clips, a pair of Sun Equalizer EQ23 29er rims, and a box of 100 Dt Swiss double butted spokes with nipples.

Rims will be built to a XT front hub and a White Industries Ecc ENO rear hub.

It would have been easier for you if Santa had of made the elves build the wheels for you. But I am guessing it will make a fun winter project.
Make sure we get a look at them when you are done! ( If you don’t have them already built)

i got a gps that i will put to use on my bike.

i got a gps that i will put to use on my bike.
what kind did you get?

I recieved some Xmas cash that will be going towards a Garmin edge 705 in the spring if I can manage to save the rest

some socks, a bento bag for longer rides, a set of Maxxis Ardent Tubeless tires some stans and valve cores for my rims and a new spinnerval DVD

i got a gps that i will put to use on my bike.
what kind did you get?

garmin etrex hc - seems like a decent basic unit that is water resistant.

Arkel Handlebar bag, Velo orange brass bell, and cash to buy a
single speed conversion kit. Oh and a few pairs of meriano wool
socks, which were awesome for the road ride in the snow

I was really spoiled. :slight_smile:
I got a Cat Eye Strada Cadence bike computer. It’s awesome. I love it. :slight_smile: