What should I expect at an ice race?


Not sure about the race scheduled for this Sunday. It looks like the rain will force us to postpone. I’ll make an official announcement on the event on Saturday to confirm, but for now it looks like it’s off.

I’m actually hoping it gets colder too! I ain’t done wit winter yet!

I have never raced on the ice before. What should I expect?
Is it like an Elite class race where it is hammer down off the start and a hard sprint for the checkered flag, or is it more like a steady paced ride to feel everyone out until the last person standing crosses the line.
Anyone have any tips for a newb?

Tommyboy’s advice:>) Reg. opens at 11. Show up, pay up, warm up and then do a timed lap so we can seed you. We try to have all the seeding runs done by n00n. Then we group you. Fastest seeding run goes into group A, 2nd fastest goes into group B and so on. You don’t necessarily want the fastest seed run unless you want to serve notice that you are there to kick ass. Now you are in a group. If you are in group A you will go first. 3-2-1-go. It isn’t a bad idea to be in first going into the first corner. You can dictate the speed of the race if you are first. Straightaways are where you pass or get passed. Good studs help. 6 laps or about 5 minutes of racing later you will be movin’ on or waiting for draw prizes. Top 2 from each heat move on. The last race usually has 6 competitors and goes 10 laps. The cream rises to the top so expect the heats to get faster and faster. I would say your best bet to make it to the finals comes to a combination of good tires and balls /boobs to the wall from start to finish. Am I allowed to say that!

Awesome. Thanks Tom. My fingers are crossed for some cold Temperatures to freeze the ice.