What tires are are you guys using?

I realize this question has been asked here before. But it’s been a couple years so I’m curious which tires people are prefering lately.

I’m in the market for a new rear tire. I have a 2.4 continental trail king on the front of my bike. I moved the original 2.2 bontrager that was on the front when I got the bike to the rear. I mostly tend to ride fight a lot. The trail king seems to cling onto the granite very well. I’ve been enjoying the bontrager on the rear so far this year. It’s pretty easy to break the back of the bike loose in a controlled way which is nice. However, they’re getting to the point now that they’re starting to really lose grip on climbs over roots and loose rocks. I’ve been getting caught on roots far more frequently (especially if they’re wet) than I was at the start of the season.

I’m thinking of putting a 2.2 continental x-king on the rear. They look like they might be a suitable replacement. Would like to hear some reviews of different tire models that people use around the area.

I ride Fight a lot, and have a set of Trail King’s on my bike right now. They are my 3rd set, and I think they work great on the granite. They wear out, but everything does when you ride Fight all the time. Mine are 2.2’s, but I find they are fine for my Norco Faze 2. I also have X-King’s, but found they were wearing out faster and didn’t have as much traction IMO. I still ride them, but only at Spider, Whopper and when I head out of town.

My riding buddies ride Bontragers, Maxxis and others, and don’t complain, but I plan on sticking with Conti’s until something I ride outperforms them.

Hmm. Maybe I’ll put another trail king on mine then. Yeah I figure the granite is just going to eat away at whatever tire you ride there.

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Big fat ones :smile:

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