What to do with old lights?

I have a bunch of old lights that have one issue or another that affects their performance. Mostly it’s a battery that doesn’t hold it’s, but there’s one that the bulb is gone etc. The output or age of the light makes it so it is expensive or very difficult to find parts for an inferior light.

On top of that, a new cree light is super cheap and performs better than a light 5 years ago. So what does one do with a bunch of batteries and lights that have been rendered useless or outdated? (Yes, batteries can be recycled)

The sheer number of lights available, the lower costs, and the power output are eventually going to make a big pile of lights in landfill somewhere. Any ideas on how to recycle or cost effectively reuse the older, dimmer lights?

Take them to a ROHS Compliant recycling depot. There’s no place in my house for old junk that doesn’t work.

If its just a battery, get a new battery. If it just doesn’t perform like it usta-could, give it to some kid.