What will be rideable today?

We got 11.2 mm here. What will be rideable today in your opinions?

I was wondering the same thing… really want to ride this afternoon.

Goat here is vic? I would love to ride there today :frowning:

How did kentville area fair with the rain?

I haven’t stepped outside yet but the pavement is dry as bone. Might go on a little recon mission in a few to see. If that sun comes out I’d hope the park will be dry by mid afternoon. Was dry as a bone this week so hopefully wics up the water.

Lots of awesome new features, capped trails and fast flow to be had now!

I agree I love Victoria park so much lol goat do you mind posting later today if it is dry? I plan on leaving porters lake area around noon if the wife lets me lol

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Yeah for sure! I’m going to shower and run up there and take a wee walk around. Then if it’s so I’ll be pulling out the MTB haha!

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Sun just broke through. I’m gonna send out some messages and see if anyone has ridden. Looks mostly dry but that doesn’t tell the whole story