What year is this?

Just picked up this gem, Norco Bushpilot… anyone have any idea what year it might be? Im thinking late 80s but not too sure. It has a shimano biopace crankset so pre 93 for sure. Sweet paint job too


I had a Bush Pilot circa 1988-1989 I believe. The paint was different (obviously) but the frame, brakes and cockpit look about the same. It was almost 30 years ago, so memories fade a bit.

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The paint job is factory though, found a few different ones online the same but no mention of year. Heres one of em :

The cotton candy look is definitely quite unique though and should help identify the year.
Im thinking 88-89 as well but really not much online about em

Seeing old school bikes always confirms for me that the bicycle is the most perfectly designed machine ever invented. Bike styles/materials/geometry etc. keep changing over time but the basic concept, two wheels and a pedal powered mechanism to move them forward, really is timeless.


These old school bike always look so…well, old school. Nothing like the hi- tech machines we ride now. It would seem impossible to ride this on any local trail that is the least bit rowdy but we all did it.

It is going to be interesting to look back at today’s bikes 30 years from now to see if we have the same perceptions about their trail worthiness and if they will indeed look so old school


Funny, have been thinking recently that a ‘retro’ ride might be fun. Dig out all those old rigid trail slayers and get out for a silly group ride somewhere.

I actually had a friend visiting last weekend and lent him my full suspension bike and rode my hardtail (with Maxxis Hookworms no less!) around the Suzie lake loop. It was challenging (a little slick from the mist/drizzle) and surprisingly fun.

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I am sure a few guys here could make that ride a lot less silly on their retro machines. @bent6543 @tossedsalad @ whomever I forgot

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I like silly… silly is fun.

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I think i have it ID’d as an '86

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I have a 1992 Norco Victory Tri-A road bike in almost exactly the same cololors.

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