Where can I demo bikes in NS?

I’m looking at getting a new bike, particularly the new Norco Fluid FS 2 but I’m open to other bikes as well. I want to demo them and give them a try to see how they feel before I spend such a big amount of money, but it seems like there are little to no options for doing that here in NS… Are there any shops or services that do bike demos I’m not aware of??


Any bike shop that has a model in stock and built up will let you test ride it. You may need to leave a credit card or driver’s license, but at least you’ll be able to give it the parking lot test. Now, this isn’t the same as taking it to a trail and giving it a thrashing, but you’ll know if it fits and if there’s anything that needs changing.

Demo days happen for some brands (not most by any stretch, at least not around here), and are usually one particular day or two in the summer months. Rocky did a few demo days at Wentworth last summer, for example and you could register and try as many bikes as you wanted. But, I would not wait for this. If you want to test ride a bike, go to the shop that carries that brand and ask to test it. It’s that simple.


Santa cruz did a demo day at keppoch also im pretty sure they might have done one at the railyard

Yeah I should have mentioned it but I was hoping to find somewhere that I could give a bike a bit more than a parking lot test. Thanks for the info though!

Can’t hurt to ask! I doubt you’ll get to take something out on a muddy day, but you never know.

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FWIW cycle smith let me take a test ride up and around Citadel Hill - as long as I wanted. - a little better than the parking lot.


Norco had a demo day at the Canadian National in Kentville before Covid times, and Rocky Mountain hosted at McIntosh Run. Sweet Ride in Mahone Bay let me take a bike on the local trails. Still pretty hard to get a really good feel for a bike in one short trail ride but as @brightwhite said, you know if it’s the right size and if anything needs changing (like switching the brakes around!).


What are you riding currently?

A large 2015 Giant Reign 2

Good to know, thanks!!

In that case, I would wager one of my Ti
Bolts that anything from 2019-Present would be significantly better in every aspect.

I realize that doesn’t answer your question specifically about demos, but all brands have very specific spec/sizing associated with the frames.

Bike Monkey in Truo carries Norco FYI.


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I would bet that too. I’m about 178cm which is right on the line between sizes M and L for Giant Reigns and it certainly feels like it. The bike is a bit big feeling for me so I want something that is actually my size (like the fluid) and a bit more nimble.

keep in mind that the new bikes have slacker head angles that move the bars back towards you. Longer reach numbers and shorter stems help even things out. The seat tube angle will likely be much steeper too so the bike will likely feel smaller. I had a 2012 Reign for 8 years and it took some adaptation to ride the new bike effectively. I rarely have to stand to climb and I use the dropper way more often to get the seat out of the way.


Demo days were mostly suspended during covid unfortunately.

Sportwheels carries Norco and we have a few models/sizes in stock. Test rides on the property are certainly encouraged.