Where the hell is anima mundi

I’ve been driving around gaspereau for an hour looking for it. My gps had me out in the middle of no where. I fOund an east davidson st but couldn’t see any sign of a trail

The sign is off the road by about 10 feet.

Trail head is located just beyond the driveway at 360/365 East Davidson St. on the Gaspereau Mountain

I read that about ten times and drove back and forth. Didn’t see anything so I went back and for our and it was right there.

The trail is quite amazing. Really fun. I did manage to break a cleat Bolt off somehow though.

Did you get to the Octupus bridge thing. Pretty awesome.

Yeah it was pretty sweet.

Went to the links for the first time today too. Fanfuckintastic. Except climbing back up the mountain afterrwards in 30+º weather

Are you racing or participating in the race Sunday?

No I am not. I would like to try a mtb or road race before the year is over.

I have mud hero on Saturday. That should be a blast

Road racing in NS is nearly over for the year. There is a non points series race this weekend (I believe) in Antigonish, and then the CB stage race July 27/28. So other than that you’d have to leave the province for a serious road race. Definitely get in some fast group rides. The big guns ride Sambro every week at least once, check the WBL facebook page. I think it is Wednesday nights. The Valley Stove club ride is pretty good time, we ride Tuesday nights at 6:30 from Kingstec if you are down the Valley at all.

There are quite a few MTB races left in the season. Can’t offer you too much advice on those.

I should have the majority of those races in the event calendar but certainly if I’ve missed any let me know and I’ll add them immediately. I know I have to update some details for some of the listed events, but that is an ongoing challenge.