Where to ride today?

Looks like I might have a random 1-1.5 hrs to sneak out for a ride. Where should I go?

  • Fight trail
  • spider lake
  • Dam onion/flipside

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Oops darn autocorrect. Dam onion sounds like a cool trail name-multilayered with a few tears!


Note, you can still ride lake loop from Da Minion side without crossing into the saddest monkey zone.

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Ended up at fight. Rode attic/basement area. Love that flowy Granite! Had the chance to try out some new tips I just picked up. Still lots of trailside blueberries to gorge oneself on! Saw a mother deer and it’s young. Also saw saw some blueberry stained scat in middle of trail that didn’t look like dog/bear/human.


Isn’t mountain biking great?