Which bike for Keppoch?

Heading to Keppoch for the first time soon and I’m wondering what bike to take that is the most appropriate? Downhill bike or trail bike? Thanks



I’ve ridden a trail bike (140mm) and a full 200mm DH rig at Keppoch. DH was more fun but it limits which trails can be ridden a bit as some of them have pedally bits that were kind of a drag on the DH bike. What I’ve done in the past is bring both and switch halfway through the day.


Ive ridden it on a 150/160 giant reign, a 160/170 RM altitude and right now a 170/170 canyon torque

All 3 bikes were fine but id say the 160/170 altitude was and to this day is still the best all around bike I’ve ridden.

A downhill bike would be fun but its not necessary.


I think the important question here is what do you have for a trail bike vrs DH bike?

I mainly ride my Specialized Enduro at Keppoch but have ridden most of the trails on DH race bikes, XC bikes, fat bikes, trials bikes, etc… run what ya brung as they say.


The choices were Orange Patriot or Santa Cruz Blur. The orange has been setting for a bit and seems the rear shock now leaks air. So unless a quick service with no parts being replaced fixes that, blur it is.

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