Whiterock Recreation Area (Hillsborough)


Skill Level: Beginner / Intermediate

Location: Hillsborough, NB

Website: Codiac Cycling

Facebook: Codiac Cycling

Trail Head:: Golf Club Rd

Trail Forks: Whiterock Recreation Area

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Fantastic. Was seeing some of the build photos from Trevor and Kimberley when they were in Halifax a few weeks back. Need to get up there and hit this new flow trail.

This place is definitely on my list for the summer now! Looks like a blast!

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I would love to go!

Me too! Whiterock/Minto/Fundy road trip.


I think that’s going to be the second half of my bike trip at the start of August. Was thinking Whiterock > Fundy > Minto

Count me in, hoping to go soon before those mosquito zombies gets active.

Some friends are heading to NB for a wedding in August and bringing bikes, I’m going to plan a little bike trip through NB and back toward Halifax. Unsure if exact dates but happy to have others join in, or suggest locations. Thinking Freddy, Sugarloaf, now this Moncton trail system…

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@IanM_MTB I need dates. I may have convinced Larissa to let me go :stuck_out_tongue:


Might be up for a run to Sugarloaf now that I’ve added a DH bike to the stable but I’m headed to Mont Saint Anne in August for the World Cup and some trail riding so I doubt I can squeeze it in then.


Still trying to get dates finalized from the boys. You’d think that’d be easy when there’s a wedding to go to. :roll_eyes:

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Check out this POV of Stout and the new trail Garnotte !

Stout & Garnotte 4k POV


Awesome. Hillsborough is on my list.

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Stout is my favourte trail in Hillsborough when including the length! Otherwise it’s Soo Sassy. Hit me up for a tour when any of you come up this way!