Who on here is in Hants County?

I’m trying to get more riding in this year, anyone on here live in Hants County? Wanna set up a weekly ride?

Which area are you in? East or West?
I’m in Lantz (East Hants).

I’m near Windsor, most of the trails I ride are in West Hants, because I can ride to them from my home. I know one other MTB rider over here and we get out sometimes, but mostly I’m riding alone. I’ve been meaning to check out Nine Mile River, and I keep missing the ride days at Gore.

The other part of my motivation for getting a group together is there are plans to develop trails in West Hants but there doesn’t seem to be much of a mountain bike community going on, or if there is I can’t find them. I’m working to make sure mountain biking is included but it would be nice to have some others to get a bit more traffic on the trails here to show that there is reason to include mountain bikes.

I’ll be posting up rides at Irishman’s Rd this year because it is the trail system that is going to probably be the first to get developed. I’d like to get some big group rides going on there.

Windsor ain’t far from the City, I’m sure we could arrange to have our Tuesday night rides down there once in a while this summer.

I would like to explore that way more. I have a cottage in Lakelands so I’m around there often.

Cool, the more the merrier as far as I’m concerned.

I’d say there’s 3 spots worth traveling for, Irishman’s Rd, Grey Mountain and Castle Frederick Farms. I’ve been meaning to explore the trails at Moses Mountain and there’s also the possibility of resurrecting Grunter again. Any thoughts on that one Troy? Uniacke Estate is another possibility but last time I hiked there it seemed like it might be a bit brutal to ride anyone ride there last year?.

Grunter may be salvagable. I think the lower stuff along the river might still exist. All the stuff at the top is gone.
There is still some wood at the estate for bridging, (I think anyway)!!

I’ll have to go check out Grunter then, I did see some lumber in the estate last time I was there when there was no snow.

Hey…newbie to the board here…

I’m based in Windsor. Primarily, I’m a roadie, but also frequently take a hardtail hybrid-y bike on fire roads and easy trails. Well, I only got my off road bike last fall…so my roaming is still limited.

Anyway, I’m up for rides round the eastern valley.
Any roadies 'round here, BTW?

Alan (Maritimer)

I do a bit of road riding. Especially in the spring when the trails are less than ideal for off road riding. I’d definitely be interested in a road ride at some point.

Personaly, I do not wear spandex, but I know a few people who do and they seem like good people.

I might be up for some road rides, I commute to work on the bike so I get road riding in during the week but if the trails are too wet I do the Belmont/Avondale loop sometimes. I ride single speed 38x16 (not fixed though) on the road so you’d have to take it easy on me :slight_smile:

I don’t mind riding fire roads and easy trails either. I know a decent loop that is half fire road half road.

Yes, all stacked up by the bridge on the post road. There is another small pile in where the intended bridge was to be on the Wetlands trail.

I’ve got a Roam2, so not exactly hardcore rockhopping, but definitely up for gravel, fire roads, interesting non-technical single track.
Hard to find time for all disciplnes…and I just got a new road bike, so I’ll probably be spending lots of quality time on that once we are salt-free.

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