Who’s your favourite Pro rider across any discipline or media?

As the title says.

I’m hard torn between Phil Kmetz and Martha Gill. Phil who’s skills teaching is fantastic, his riding is amazing and he seems to have a great demeanour. Nothing makes me wanna send it like Phil’s videos.

Martha has a lot of fun insta posts, and generally enjoys bikes in a less than serious more than fun way which I think is cool. Plus the wheelies.

Runner up. Brage. I love his edit style, music choice etc, but I don’t freeride lol.

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It would have to be hands down Wade Simmons.

And also Greg Minnaar, he has been at the pointy end of the WC DH stick for a crazy long time now and still is a constant threat.

And also Jared Graves, at his peak that dude could win anything from XC to DH to EWS to BMX, and he also used to do some great tech tips that I still use when working on bikes. He placed 3rd at a World Champs DH race on a Yeti Enduro bike.


Currently Brage vestavik and matt macduff. Growing up though i idolized kyle strait.

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Jesse Melamed is down to earth and I like how he talks about his process. And he’s just bloody fast.

Brad Simms is unreal on a BMX, and has been hitting huge stuff as he progresses. Love the way he looked at his career, made some goals, and knocked them out of the park. And now, he’s ripping on an MTB.

Jackson Goldstone is going to blow some minds as he matures.


Melamed definitely makes me happy that i ride an altitude thats for sure. Dudes got super positive energy and has been absolutely crushing it so far this year.

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Also, andreu lacondeguy is a super fun dude to watch ride.


Completely predictable I know but how can you not like Danny MacAskill?


Funny, I was going to mention a trials rider, but not that one! Ali Clarkson is one of my favourite to watch, as he typically doesn’t do flashy edits… he shows all the failures (well not all of them) that it takes to finally ride a successful line. And he comes across as nice and down to earth.

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Sam Hill has always been my favorite rider but I enjoy watching Fabio Wibmer’s videos.


I don’t follow WC or whatever and don’t really have much cycling in my social feeds but I do follow Andrew L’esperance so I’m gonna say that he is my favorite.


Wade Simmons is a great choice, such a smooth fluid riding style and Andrew as well, the local legend!

But for me it’s steeve peat. We met him at the Santa Cruz booth after the race one year in bromont He chatted with us for a bit got an autograph and all. There was a young kid in front of us who asked for an autograph as well and when he said okay and asked him what do you want me to sign the kid said how about your beer. Steeve said sure when I am done. Then chugged it back signed it and gave it to the kid.


I remember that trip. It was amazing the amount of time Peaty spent with the fans. If my memory serves correctly (this was 2008 after all) it was Peaty and Hill as the last 2 men down, Hill took the win with Peaty second and Minnaar 3rd.


I like Sam Pilgrim.

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Rebecca Rusch is definitely inspiring and she makes me want to push myself. I also have a soft spot for technical riding on the North Shore and Dangerous Dave scratches that itch.