Whopper Bridge Salvage?

Some of the Whoppper bridges on the granite section are in the path of what is to be destroyed. Anyone interested in hauling them to the stream crossing on lake loop?

I might make a call to arms for Wednesday or Thursday evening 7:30.

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We could easily stop and move a bridge tomorrow evening as well. It will make light work with the group of us.

There are three new ones built back there. I don’t see where you would use them

edit; on second thought the last bridge that you would go over before you climb a steep granite face needs to be replaced. It’s been broken for a while. This is a tough spot here and the present bridge makes it harder.

There is a bridge that crosses a rocky stream shortly into Suzie Q. (Lab Pass?). I currently have a 12’ section of bridge (decked with 32" wide 2x4s) but it needs at least another 12’ to complete.

Yeah, I know where you mean. It does need a little sumpthin sumpthin to get you up on top of the newly constructed bridge.

If that was you who built in, great job and thank you from all of us

Just that one and a crew from pedal trout built the one that crosses the gap nearest the lake look off.

It would be neat to make a map like this of all the trouble spots.