Whopper Dropper

The Whopper Dropper trail system is a popular trail system in Halifax.

The trail head is located at the end of Dominion Crescent in Lakeside. Most riders park at the BLT trail parking lot on Lakeside Park Drive and then ride up to Dominion Cresent.

The former trail head is located just near the Burger King in Bayers Lake Business Park, hence the “Whopper” part of the name. Due to development, the original entrance is now non-existent.

Skill Level: Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced

Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Trail Head::Dominion Crescent, NS

Former Trail Head for reference::Suzie Lake Cres, NS

Trail Forks: Whopper Dropper

Printable Map: pdf (Whopper Dropper and Evil birch)


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