Can you still get in from the traditional entrance by Burger King? Last weekend we went in by Russell Metals and the dirt road leading to Farside was thick and deep muck. I want to hit up the Lake Loop and best access might be from BK. I know it is all clear cut but can you pick your way through?

Last time I entered by BK was about a month ago I think. We had no issues entering. Just all clear cut that’s all. I don’t know if it’s changed since. They might have more construction equipment there now.

If you want to try entering from Lakeside again, there’s a trail to the left of the fire road (in the woods) into where the start of Farside is. It starts at the very end of Dominion Crescent. It was quite a bit of fun to ride too. Here’s the Strava segment:

I missed the fork in the middle the last time I rode in. Keep an eye out for an arrow pointing to the left painted on a granite rock.

That trail should keep you clear of most of the muck.