Who's tiller in spider lake?

While riding today I found a rusty broken roto tiller out in spider lake. It’s obvious it had been used to create some of the dirt trails. Does anyone here claim to own it?

There was some discussion here about the work that was being done. It was generally not appreciated but no one knew who was doing the trail building.

As I understand it, there is a land use agreement for the area that explicitly forbids building wooden structures which same eager beaver was doing.

Someone left a message I think and the work was abandoned maybe? Assuming the tiller was abandoned as well. It would be a long till home.

It did look like it had been a couple years since last used, given the state of the vegetation in the area last tilled. I really don’t want to steal it but if I can fix it and give it another life it would be better than letting it rot into the ground. And yep, it would be a chore to drag it out!

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The guy is on instagram. He likes to post pics of his handiwork.

The tiller is just more junk in the woods at this point, I thought about taking it myself but haven’t bothered to. It’s going to need some work at this point.

@JeffV There is no land use agreement at Spider Lake unless something has happened since 2015 which seems to be the last publicly available update http://bicycle.ns.ca/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/BNS_MtnBIke_May-12-2015.docx.

Spider Lake: Paul and Lawrence recently met with the land manager for Hfx. Water regarding land use. Hfx. Water are interested in creating a formal land use agreement. Lawrence has provided them with a draft. Some considerations; parking(possibility of NS Power land), informal discussions with Brightwood Golf Course, land use agreement would be for existing trails only and not new trail development. BNS approaching Brightwood and NS Power.