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What kinda money r u looking at for a decent fat bike?Cant really afford one right now but id love to get into it

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Depends on your definition of decent.

I’ve had plenty of fun on ones that retail for around $1000ish from the lower end companies. They don’t have the highest end components, fanciest wheelsets or the axle standards du jour but they had fat tires and rode on snow just dandy. If you want the most current standards from and higher end components from one of the big name brands you’ll be in the $2000ish range.

Yeh 1000ish is more in my wheelhouse. Ill keep my eyes open for something for next year. Until then its ice spikers on the hardtail


Used is the way to go I think, many only get ridden for a winter so are in pretty good condition, often you can find them for close to half price.

I don’t own one, studded tires are the ticket here in HRM. Even when I travel to places with more snow and purpose groomed trails I find my 2.6 icespikers do just fine and don’t sink in.


Rider weight might play a role here, too. Smaller riders can easily get away with skinnier tires, but I’m about 90kg (200 lbs) and find I sink too much unless the trails are packed down really well. As with so much else: your mileage may vary. :slight_smile:


Yea . . . its a fad. Will never catch on. :slight_smile:
$1000 is a place to start . . . $2800 + tax with most bells an whistles.
In addition to winter riding they make pretty decent bikepacking rigs for unknown territory.
And they float!

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