Will My Fat Bike Fit? | 25 Compact SUVs Tested

It took some time to test these vehicles when doing some recent vehicle shopping. While many of you are non-fat it should apply to your bike transportation needs as well.


Hey there,

I fit my 29er into my Sorento very easily without taking anything apart, both tires on. No problems and tones of room to spare. When moving cross country my tires came off and my bike fit in the leg room of the back seat between the doors with the rear seats down.


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Great article. Beginning to think about a new vehicle. Bike fit will be the top priority - but standing up as well as laying flat.

Currently driving a 2006 Saturn Vue. Not riding a fatbike - riding a 27.5+ - No problem laying my bike down in the back with front wheel on, as long as the handlebar is turned. If front wheels and seat posts are removed (or fully compressed for my dropper post, can fit 3 bikes standing up in the back, plus a passenger. Could probably fit 6 or seven bikes standing up in the back if no back seat passengers.

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I was surprised that some vehicles were a really tight fit . . . while the RAV4 is probably the largest of the bunch.

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Great article you took time fitting them all.:+1:t3:.

Most bicycles I had fatbike, mtb, road-bike even recliner couch :laughing:, even if it has front tire on Fits snuggly into my Toyota Matrix hatchback cost me 3k for a good old efficient car. Still running without no check engine light or major repairs almost 300km mileage now.:smile:

I am curious on safety net of bike cargo inside the cars though.

I haven’t looked at the interior of a RAV, but I didn’t think it looked that big from the outside. Will have to keep that one on the future list.

I have a beater Suzuki Grand Vitara and my fat bike - a Kona Wo- fits in perfectly even with the front wheel attached. I transport it like that all winter and even into the spring because the road salt is tough on a bike